7 Replies to “Look Alikes”

  1. The good news is they probably “rescued” their greyhounds and are probably “kind” women … the really good news is that they’re very strident looking and in their striding, which suggests that I’m glad they’re not my in my neighborhood. I sense little or no “happiness” from this snapshot of their life. Maybe I’m being too harsh? We’ll never really know unless you know them and are willing to fessup what you know …


  2. I’m not sure about strident, I’d go for purposeful. Or they may be defensive looking because of the neighborhood? I think if you walked by and said how beautiful the dogs looked they’d melt a bit. But in truth, the dogs look anxious. Maybe the women are strident.
    I feel like I just took a walk in the park and circled the block.
    You see John how your photographs make people think.


    1. HCG … I thought about “strident,” of course after I hit the “Post” button, and immediately liked your word, “purposeful.” Then I read your observation about the greyhounds and said, “Okay –strident.” You’re right that the best test of their demeanor would be to “praise their pups.” Plus most greyhounds I have seen are “rescues,” and have lived a horrible young life with tons of stress piled on them in vile living circumstances … they’re generally pretty scarred even with loving caring new homes … For sure you’re correct about the value of Oops’ photos …

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      1. Yes, I had that thought too that Greyhounds are generally brutalized, and it’s a hard call. One other thought was that they didn’t appear to react to Oops taking the picture. It makes me think about the actor’s job, how critical it is to absolutely nail the expression that is telling and carries the story.
        Oops….better go find them again and do a thorough interview.


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