7 Replies to “First Friday”

  1. Hmmm … don’t feel much energy … must be ’cause the “Tempests” need to be in their teapot! Maybe their name shoulda been “The Tempests Fugit.”

    I do like the street spotlights, the guy sittin’ on his bike chillin,’ and the fact St. Pete has an “Official First Friday Beer” … Sweet Water. Good get, oops … glad to see you can still roam the streets after sundown! You’re still young at heart.


    1. Good pair of bifocals you got, Sir Richard, spot-on observations as always. Yes, low energy night. And that’s because a cold front was moving in along with some rain. I felt some drops and hightailed it out of there early. Well, ‘early’ for me. I ain’t telling you what my bedtime is these days, but in my heyday I would make it home about the time the morning paper thudded up against the stoop. 😀


      1. Yep … we both had a “heyday” … wonder … should it be “hay day?” As in “Make hay while the sun’s shining?” anyway, whether it’s hey or hay, we both had our day(s) …


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