8 Replies to “Happy Hour”

    1. I’ve noticed a lot of people drinking PBR down here, which puzzles me. Beer tastes so much better out of a bottle. Although I have to admit, when I was young and on a budget, I drank PBR too. 😦


  1. “Old Illwaukee” was my go to beer …

    I remember also “bootlegged” Coors and could occasionally score a case for a “beer social gathering.”

    Actually did a “Beer Tasting” where the guests were asked to ID the Coors … my recollection, which is suspect, is that the 10-12 people there, were no better than a random guess at the 6 beers to choose from.

    I did stash an old fridge in my garage (I was 24-25 years old & fridge may have been my senior) and punched a hole in the side for a CO2 tank. From that point forward drank whatever I could get in a “pony keg.” Spent most of each day in my garage. No AC, but plenty of cold beer. Also may have been in the reasons why that marriage went “bottoms up.”


    1. I used to drink bootlegged Coors too, thought it tasted great! Then when I moved to the West Coast where it was legal it didn’t taste so special anymore. 🙂


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