5 Replies to ““Is dog on the menu in Bombay?””

  1. 1) if it is, he will “feed” a lot of people. 2) Even though it is Bombay Grille, I think dog on the menu is more akin to Shanghai or Bangkok. 3) His collar is too nice for him to be “abandoned” or a stray … so I think he’s safe even though he’s caught the attention of the employee in the window.

    Did you stay there long enough to make sure the dog was safe?

    Another good shot, Oops.


    1. I watched while they zonked him on the head and threw a burlap sack over him and carted him inside for what I assumed was VIP service. 🙂

      Actually, that’s the dog’s owner on the inside telling him to “stay” while he eats lunch. It never ceases to amaze me that people take dogs downtown on sidewalks next to busy streets (Central Avenue, in this instance) without a leash. What the fuck are they thinking? 😦


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