6 Replies to “Please!”

  1. Gee, I hadn’t thought of all the new stuff you have to run interferance with in order to get attention these days. Competition is rough. Then too they may be lucky getting mugged for the electronics wasn’t on the agenda though both women look strong. And then too I’m from Brooklyn and the streets of St Pete may not be so rough.
    I am really enjoying the results of your meanderings, well done. Makes me wish I’d done more documenting in days gone by.


    1. Yeah, these are upscale streets w/ outdoor cafes not the mean streets of St. Pete. The homeless might push the envelope but not too much. I, too, regret great chunks of my life I didn’t document, not a single picture. 😦


  2. 1) Gold’s Gym Women … 2) You’re right … I recognize the area-upscale 3) the Black woman empathizes and gestures from her heart 4) the White Bitch clearly could give a shit that the kid works harder than she ever will for his few dollars 5) He’s got 3-4 passes at best before the cops will show up and roust him … that’s why he’s pleading

    A good shot … captures a lot in one frame


    1. I notice that I should have said “not too much” in the above comment, since corrected.

      He was loud and obnoxious, whiskey on his breath and speaking pidgeon english of some sort. When he would get turned down he would tell people to “fuck off.” I followed him for several blocks and actually pointed him out to some security guards at a nearby private outdoor shopping mall. I wanted to get a pic of their interaction but he wisely veered off in another direction. He besieged me too but he was so small I didn’t consider him a threat.

      Thanks for commenting…


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