8 Replies to “The Great Divide”

  1. That bag of “personal treasures” may as well be a DMZ marker in a war zone. The Collector looks pretty interesting: clothes in good condition & clean, shoes good, no visible sores. Leads me to think he may be more of an eccentric, or an “Urban Ecologist.” Notice the high-end trash & treasure grabber at his feet.

    Who’s got their back to whom in this scene? The kids look like high school age at most, maybe middle school and none of them look like they have done a lick of exercise. Maybe the adult in the scene has his back to the obnoxious and clearly privileged kids.

    Loaded with contradictions and possibilities … a visual treasure chest!

    Good work, Oops.


    1. Your penetrating observations lay bare what I knew from the get-go but was pretending otherwise – namely, that he doesn’t quite fit the theme. I offered to pay him to rip his shirt and knock out a front tooth but he was having none of that. What’s a poor street photographer to do when the street doesn’t cooperate! 😀


  2. His brain on drugs. And Starbucks, really? Isn’t that $5 bucks plus?
    I don’t mind clueless kids, having been one, because it’s over so damn fast,
    and reality sets in, and you need to eat and pay rent, turn on the electric, buy car,
    and you or your best friend get pregnant.
    I wish the down and out guy with the cans didn’t want to rub everybody’s face in it. Depriving
    them of the Nevernever Land he’s in.
    But I don’t think these are lessons learned at 15, you know absolutely it’s not ever going to be you.


    1. Yes, Starbucks for real. Interestingly, I’ve seen many a homeless person with decent (at least clean) clothes and some chump change in his pocket. Go figure! 🙂


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