5 Replies to “A Place to Crash”

  1. I kept looking and looking and for sure thought she’d had some shiv driven into her chest, but no…bicycle handle, positioned well. I don’t understand the lure of drugs as a way of life, in the sixties drugs rarely ruled lives and families and neighborhoods, now it’s harder to find someone un-druggy. Reality is pretty good stuff, even when it’s rugged it’s good.

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  2. Thanks, Barbara & Richard. His/her bike looks new and clothes are not shabby. But who knows what the backstory is. It was a busy street and the sun was fairly hot. I was driving and u-turned on a dime, knowing I had to get this shot. Couldn’t find a place to park and then had to walk back a block. I got very close and told myself to keep shooting even if he woke up, but he didn’t. It was a bus stop bench and you can take bikes on the bus, so who knows. 🙂


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