5 Replies to “Legs”

  1. No Dummy here, Oops. After Trump publicly “Fat-shamed” the Latina Miss Universe, I’ll not fall into that trap except to say you’re right, “they’re legs.” I won’t mention that I see a face in her left knee. Or anything about who wears “Gladiator Shoes.” Or a word about what “thick ankles mean.” No siree, not this Dummy. The dog’s cute.


  2. I think her legs look great, lucky you in a beach town. And by the way RH above, Oops hope you don’t mind but really, The Miss Universe is a woman who has as much contempt for oaths and contracts as Hillary me thinks. I mean, she signed a contract saying, as they all must do, she would not gain a pound (maybe it’s 2 pounds, maybe it’s an ounce) and then took the money and ignored the legal papers she’d signed and ran. Sixty pounds is a lot for a beauty queen. And Trump defended her, refused though pushed to fire her, he didn’t. And Hillary, this total criminal, speeds through the beauty queen’s citizenship, pays her an f-ing fortune for her troubles, sets her up with interviews and housing etc and this is good? Hillary finishes off the reputations of bimbo eruption gals who Bill screwed, destroys the middle east, gets 20 million in year for 20 minute speeches to Wall Street cronies, sells the Sec’y State office to highest bidders, kills off Ambassadors, jeopardizes national security, lies like a rug, pretends she doesn’t know what TOP SECRET might mean, and no objection. Hillary has had 30 years of politics and look at the mess liberals have made. Anybody but Hillary. Anybody but a Washington insider.

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    1. HCG … did not mean to open the Pandora’s Box of personal political rants … my comment was only that Mr. Trump did “Fat Shame” the lady several times … your diatribe is overkill … I apologize to you, Oops, for opening the box on your totally non-political blog site. Mea Culpa.

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      1. Mea also culpa. I always like your comments on John’s site, Richard. I did not mean this personally. I just got a come to Jesus moment about the amount of ignoring in the press of real villains. Sorry for the overdoing, apologies to all.
        Pandora HCG.


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