13 Replies to “Highly Decorated”

  1. Up for hire (by the hour) to chant over the terminally ill; that’s an Obama phone in his vest pocket; they’re living in her mother’s basement; he’s thinking up aps; she’s a personal shopper for a Russian all girl’s band (the name of which can no longer be uttered out loud). They mugged some elderly couple on the beach at dawn doing Tai Chi, to get their shoes.
    Just a guess. Do more, that was fun. I like that they’re next to “Exotic Flavors”.


  2. Oops, thanks for another great book recommendation!! Just finished the first story in The Gandy Dancer & other Short Stories, “Grandpa’s ticket to ride”!! So WONDERFUL!! Look forward to the rest of the book!!

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    1. Hello Bruce, what an awesome thrill to see this here! I couldn’t possibly be more pleased or proud, I hope you enjoy the rest of the Gandy Dancer stories. From me and all writers shrugging off comets and darkness whilst working in outer space, THANK YOU. Barbara Sparhawk


      1. No, thank you, Barbara (and John again). It’s such a pleasure to read. I read it differently than most books I read, in as I enjoy reading each of your stories with as few interruptions as possible. Then, sitting for a few moments afterward to absorb the emotions each story stirs in me. Really, NO jive !!


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