4 Replies to ““You takin’ MY picture, old man?””

  1. Really marvelous, well done, what a catch. My God look at those ugly faces! Enough to stop clocks.
    He likely thinks he owns the street.
    Well bravo hurrah for you.
    In one of many magnificent Seinfelds, George gets a contract with Jerry for their TV show from NBC, and he’s in a bar trying to impress the girls. By saying what he does for a living. And she starts laughing at him hysterically: ” You’re trying to impress me because you write a TV series?!! Oh ha ha ha.”
    She calls in her friends to join in the mirth. It was great.
    This guy needs a reality check, guilty of believing his own press.


    1. The funny thing is, when taking a picture one rarely has time to notice expressions or details. You don’t see those until later on the computer. At the decisive moment I didn’t know what his attitude was, and didn’t really care. Something just tells you to snap the pic. 🙂


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