9 Replies to “Share Your Sunshine”

    1. Thanks. Interesting mix of yellows and oranges which a painter like Barbara – ‘Holycowgirl,’ below – might like to comment on. I actually thought it kind of garish at first and tried to correct the white balance, but it wouldn’t budge. 🙂

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  1. I’m wondering how long that cheery window stays unbroken! A bit of ironic DMV-Nazi humor here, yes?, not unlike “Work Will Set You Free” on the Auschwitz gate. Or is St Pete some twilight zone where everyone loves the government ?


    1. Hmnn, interesting ‘twilight zone’ question. About a year ago I received a parking ticket and when I went to pay it online, it said if it was my first ticket, which it was, then it was dismissed as a courtesy and I owed nothing! 🙂


  2. Love all the flow and action moving forward (a la HAP Peralta?) … everything simply ties in … coincidence that you mention “parking ticket forgiveness” and the window indicates that this is where you pay your parking tickets. Hmmm … is he going to smile and pay or punch out some poor clerk? Guess we’ll never know.


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