9 Replies to “Winter Visitors”

  1. If it weren’t for the condensation on the water bottle, I’d say that Monroe & Janet Newhart were definitely Duane Art.

    What an incredible shot, Oops … give us some background … did they notice you? Did you talk with them? Where was this? Pure chance or did you stalk them for a bit? Did you see other photogs around?

    “The Newharts of Akron just embarked from their cruise ship to take in the sights. How happy they are to fulfill a lifetime dream and go on their ‘Dream Cruise’ … a winter visit and celebration of their 53rd wedding anniversary.”

    A great piece of American Photo Art … Still can’t get over the detailed match in their outfits and personas.


    1. Yes, I did stalk them bigtime, took probably 30 pics before I got a good one. I kept darting ahead and turning around to shoot them. She never noticed me, he might have once or twice. I shoot from hip and always act like I’m puzzling over the settings on my camera, so most people can’t tell that I’m taking their pic. But as soon as I saw them I knew I couldn’t quit until I got a good one. 🙂


  2. I love this too, it’s a marvelous portrait. I have a whole different take on such sights now than I once did, this is very Carmel and Big Sur too with some slight variations, and I look at this and think how lucky I am to be here all the time, and here in front of me, as Richard advises, a couple in a dream come true visit to paradise.
    It’s lovely, great job, oops. I believe they’re smiling back at you for appreciating them and documenting their experience.


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