7 Replies to “A Life Lived Upside Down”

  1. Great get, Oops … my right place right time, man! Questions that no one can really answer, but occurred to me as I looked thru the photo:
    1) How much does he save on gym fees? Rock on man and show us how superfluous Gold’s Gym and all their fancy schmancy equipment is!
    2) Can he find what he’s looking for when he needs it? In other words, is his cart well organized?
    3) He seems reasonably fit … no flab, no oozing sores or scabbie-scabs noticeable … in fact, I see some muscle definition in the arms and legs. Is he new to the street or is this a “homeless guy of the future” … a guy who can truly live on the streets and be more than ” a survivor?” (Yeh — that was really 3 questions — sorry.)
    4) Last observation … it would be fun to inventory his belongings … I wonder if he made a decision about what stayed in the cart and what he left for the “less needy?”

    Loved the shot … a lot more to it than meets my eye(s)! Thanks


    1. Yes, he does look fit & organized. Wonder why he spread his towel on the pavement instead of the grass? His left leg looks swollen and scaly. But the real kicker is what I left out when I cropped it. On the left unseen in this view is a gym with a sign that says: “Crossfit. Try 4 Free”. Guess he’s giving them the finger!


      1. He’s definitely an interesting character. So many people are when you stop to look at them. I didn’t wait for him to get right side up because afraid he might see my camera and beat me up. Actually, I stayed in the car and shot thru an open window. 🙂


  2. So much in here, so well observed, really like Alice down the rabbit hole (or Carroll down the rabbit hole). You look and get suspended with him into some other place, and it’s sort of enforced by the street blockades that give the feel of child’s nursery. Amazing. I must say, I find myself rooting for all your street people, there’s such oddity and variety to them.
    And by the way I suspect any lesser photographer would have waited for him to get upright, missing the glory of this. I love Richard’s take; this does look like a very tidy, organized guy, a newby.


  3. I see this guy all the time. He hangs on the trail between 20th and 22nd Streets. He always pushes his cart around. You’ll see him pushing it between 1st Ave and Central. He comes through the alley at my work location and rummages through the trash bins. I’ve spoken to him before but he didn’t reply. A coworker of mine gave him a couple bucks one afternoon. He’s a peaceful man that keeps to himself and is just very unfortunate to have to live is the streets. Great photo!


    1. Yes, I did see him a second time, on Central Ave and 16th Street. He was about to cross but stopped and politely waved a car through in front of him.

      I also like (on another website of mine) to photograph murals, and have just discovered the rich possibilities of that whole Warehouse district, where you apparently work. I’m hoping to perhaps gets access inside a studio to shoot artists at work.



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