3 Replies to “The Man in Gray”

  1. …and he’s gazing with longing in his heart at all that color! Within reach! Will he…..

    I love your brilliant set ups between the subject and the atmosphere, or the landscape, I think you don’t often observe that people are in a communality with where they are, but I’m not sure I’m right, I’ll keep on the look for it.
    I’ve just found again Gauguin’s final tortured mural: ” Who Are We? Where Did We Come From? Where Are We Going?” (I may have remembered the title right.) But I think of him as dangerously desperate and you in the calm repose of a watchful Buddha.

    I do know you see animals always connected and I can immediately bring to mind your stunning photographs of landing-on-water pelicans, your eagles taking off from tree tops, your owls cozied in branches, your wolves organizing their hills.

    And that Tzuri ~~always but always ~~ owns everything within her gaze.


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