2 Replies to “The Pose”

  1. Before I enlarged the photo, it appeared to me that the shadow cast on his groin revealed his “David Pecker hanging out of his Speedo.” When I enlarged the photo, I realized his pecker was the result of the shadow from his hand … disappointed was I.

    But the hidden surprise in the enlargement was that I became intrigued with the complete lack of body hair and then thought … this guy must spend a lot of time in maintaining his body … not just his physique … vanity of vanities, etc.

    It is an excellent photo, Oops … is there a story behind this shot or was it a case of you being in the right place at the right time once again?


    1. Yeah, I thought the same thing. Was almost embarrassed to post this. But, hey, I just document what I see. Some other weirdo was posing him, I was walking by, and the light was great – why not!

      Yep – vanity of vanities.


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