Thanks for visiting my new street photography site.

After four years of criss-crossing the USA 7-8 times, living in motels and pretending to be a wildlife photographer, I have settled briefly here on Florida’s Gulf Coast to rejuvenate and replenish.

St. Pete Pier

There are no National Parks with bears or wolves in the vicinity so I am reduced to stalking people through a maze of alleys and sidewalks. This site is an experiment to see if I can survive as a street photographer.

If you see a sneaky-looking bearded guy in a bush hat with a camera who seems out of place in civilized society, just smile.

window selfie

🙂 I’m harmless 🙂

13 Replies to “WELCOME”

  1. Congratulations on your knew sight. I think having a separate place to showcase your street art is a great idea. (I’m going to keep an eye out for man with camera next time I wander down to Florida!)


  2. Hey dude it’s me Zac the street musician you’ve photographed occasionally would you be so kind as to forward me the pictures you’ve taken I would very much like to post them on my Facebook and Twitter and Instagram thanks dude, Zac. A.k.a. the guy with the sunburst guitar.


  3. Your Street work reminds me of Cartier-Bresson, now I’ll have to have a look at him too and see if memory serves…..it’s the strong contrast I think of the black and white, the whammo here I am with unmoveable assurance, and the distance from your subjects and the borderline dangerous, the war between intensely personal and cool don’t care in every photograph.


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