9 Replies to “Sharing”

      1. I know how missing something so adorable for fraction of a moment feels like 😦 don’t be sad, moments will keep happening and you will always be around to capture them, have my best wishes ^_^

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  1. good job … you can see the sharing and caring in her face/eyes … you don’t need to see the physical act of sharing the treat to know what happened.

    Question: do people always see/hear you when you get up close like in this shot … or does your lense allow for distance so the shots are true candids?


    1. Thanks, I like this pic too. Yes & No. The trick is to get up in their face and shoot people “candidly” before they realize what you are doing, but yes they usually know right afterwards. Then they either look around astonished to see what you were taking a picture of behind them, or they start chasing you. I took the same girl’s picture twice today on different sidewalks not realizing she was the same person. The first time she glared at me, the second time she loudly demanded to know if I just took her picture and I quickly said something like, “Did you jump into my picture! If you ruined it I’m going to have to charge you.” Helps to be quick witted, and to be able to run fast.


      1. I may have to change your name from “Oops John” to “Papparazzi John.”

        Did she mean, “Charge you” as in running into you like a Rhino? “Charge you” like asking for money? Or, “Charge you” as in taking police action?

        Life can be so complicated.


  2. Hmm … Ooops, it appears that it’s my “oops” and not her’s or yours … I had no rum for my coffee this AM … that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it … As Gilda Radner would say on SNL, “Oh. never mind.”


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