If Looks Could Kill

lady20150427_8885 as Smart Object-1

I take pictures of people I don’t know.

Sometimes they smile, sometimes they frown. I can try to make educated guesses but in truth I never really know how they are going to respond.

I have been prowling streets for only slightly more than half a year now, but have accumulated some encounters you may find interesting.

The above is from the Foreword to a photo-essay, “If Looks Could Kill: When Strangers Notice You Taking Their Picture.” Click on the title if you wish to read the 26 page pdf.



Rowdies & Ruffians: An Occupational Hazard

The kid on the left just picked a wad of something up off the street and threw it at me. He looks a bit unstable and his hackles are still raised for no reason I can detect. It was unprovoked aggression because my camera was unobtrusively cradled in my hand  down behind my right leg but I immediately shouldered it and fired off a sustained ‘mad minute’ burst on full-automatic. His two companions are exhibiting mock outrage.


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