4 Replies to “Ex-Con”

  1. Gutsy photo —

    Looks like the tat is the state of Georgia … hard time in the Georgia state penitentiary system? From the dead eyes, muscle build and scars, I think you displayed courage just taking the shot and good judgement getting the hell outta there …

    You might want to consider expanding your “gallery name” to include the alleys as well as the streets.


    1. I was thinking Missouri because of the little curly dip in the lower right corner but maybe Georgia. Reminds me when I was living in Atlanta in the 60s Lester Maddox was running for Guv and campaigned on the promise of reforming the prison system. Many months after he got elected he threw up his hands in despair and lamented that he couldn’t do anything about the system until they “got a better class of prisoners.”


      1. That was a whoop-dee-do by Good Ole Boy Lester … I think that was one of the classics that got folks’ attention and ultimately led to his return to civilian life after only one term in Atlanta Mansion.


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