5 Replies to “Temptation (Woman Beckoning With An Apple)”

  1. Okay … step right up to the newest Garden of Eden … we have Eve & Eva tempting a hidden Adam (nee Oops) with a digitized, amplified, electrified and tempt-i-fied Apple for the 21st century. What’s poor Adam Oops to do? Check out Eve’s sublime left index finger, the one pointing to the door to her Divinity.

    The only question is … Did Adam Oops fall into not so original sin and have a threesome worthy of expulsion from the Garden? Or, did he turn his back on the Temptresses remaining pure of heart, mind and nether regions and return home to Tzuri, his True Love?

    You can find out by subscribing to “Genesis, The Next Big Sin” … soon to be released on Amazon and streamed on NetFlix …

    Just sayin’ …


    1. And check out her ring finger. Just before I rushed her I glanced behind me and there was her husband, who – judging from his biceps & his olive drab t-shirt with “Marine Corps” printed on it – was not exactly a swinger. 🙂

      ‘Tis a dangerous job I got, but someone’s gotta do it.


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