8 Replies to “Power Play”

  1. “Don’t know nuttin’ ’bout no foto teknologee,” but I do know a “spooky” shot when I see one … these two guys were separated at birth … i wonder if they know each other … maybe even work in the same “firm” and have to answer to a “dress code.” Did they stay there … did they ever look at each other … lots of possibilities here for a quick write job.


    1. I am totally fascinated (attracted/repelled) by Corporate culture. Every day I go downtown for street pics at lunch hour and follow these bozos around, aghast at their dress and conversations and mannerisms. Yes, I wore a coat ‘n tie for a while as Personnel Manager of a manufacturing plant in Atlanta, but I was only “middle management.” Even so, looking back at myself I both laugh and cringe. Rocky Wilson, my roommate and one of your classmates, was a super sharp Accountant with Allstate Insurance and he would stay at my place in St. Pete sometimes on business trips so he could pad his tab for expenses. I remember how “classy” his Palm Beach suits were and each time he left I would rush out and buy myself one just like his. (I would get a cheaper version.) I also recall later in the 70s making a very symbolic break with that world by bundling up all my suits and ties and wingtip shoes and tossing them into a dumpster right here in St. Pete. I was a late dropout, but I dropped out of society with a vengeance.


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