3 Replies to “Smoke Break Outside the Rejuvenation Clinic”

  1. Great juxtaposition … but you knew that so why tell YOU the reason the shot was taken … I bet they can’t rejuvenate the smoker as fast as he can “dejuvenate” himself. I also like that he lights-up in front of a “No Smoking” sign.

    I wonder if he’s a special project for the clinic … Is this the “Before” or the “After” photo? Either way, you can get some bucks from them if they use it for their ad campaigns.

    Good work


    1. The image is a “failure” to the extent that the name of the clinic is not a prominent backdrop to the smoker, thus visually cementing the irony. The “Regeneration Medicine Center” wasn’t even in my mind as I snapped the picture. I knew the tunnel would be visually interesting as a black & white and I saw a man emerging and tried to get him full frontal portrait but he turned aside suddenly and I missed the shot. Two things about street photography: (1) you have to be hyper aware and anticipate movements, and (2) you mostly have to be incredibly lucky.

      Thanks… 🙂


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