4 Replies to “Trust”

    1. Thanks… And what may not at first glance be so obvious is that the title refers to the ‘trust’ the man is exhibiting by allowing a pit bull to rest his powerful jaws in his lap. 🙂

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  1. That’s so great, I love this. I wonder if it’s just the age we’re in, I doubt everyone is so used to cameras though, I think you manage to get to them and click just before they know you’re there so there’s rarely a pose unless you call for it. Your Streets remind me of Charles Kurault and his documenting of America’s backroads.
    I could tell at once what the title you made up references, and that here are two souls who know each other well, it’s wonderful to see and no sense of danger! and that one has a hand that feeds the other. The human’s face is so interesting, almost a match of muscular jaws and expressions between his intensity and the dog’s patience.


    1. I am so glad you found this site! I love your penetrating observations; you see so much and make me feel my pictures are worthwhile. But then, you’re an artist. 🙂


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