3 Replies to “Grab ‘n Run”

  1. OMG … there’s so much here … What a store front window … Better than a Russian novel, it was like finding a car bumper sticker treasure trove as you ride down the road … an old Honda driven by a 60’s dropout with every left-of-center sticker ever printed slapped on it’s butt. You pray for a red traffic light so you can catch up on your reading. This windows has everything for sale displayed on it!

    And it’s right next to the only Hookah Cafe that hasn’t been bombed by fanatic Xtian right wingers!

    It’s a store with everything in it … except Public Restrooms!

    You think the fat guy running out did a for real “grab & go” an stuffed something in his jacket pocket? Surely he at least bought $100 of LOTTO tickets …he knows it goes to support education in FL … that’s why our schools rank about 5 from the bottom in the entire F’ing country!

    Great piece of Florida non-luxury, oops!


    1. No, I don’t think he’s stealing. Although, this store is barely first-down yardage from the homeless park and they loiter on that corner so aggressively that I often don’t walk there, and thus inside the store I can only imagine that they have their share of problems. Hookah refers to a water pipe, doesn’t it, and thus is not intrinsically illegal?


      1. Hookahs are merely water pipes that historically were used for smoking hashish as well as other “tobaccos” … it cools the harshness of the smoking experience … Hookah cafes were gathering places and social spots for the men.

        My comment was aimed at the hysterical hostility and anger of Right Wing Fundamentalists and NeoCons toward any and all bearded robe wearing or berka wearing Middle Easterners. And clearly, if you’re an American and using a hookah, you’re a hopped up drug addict!


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