5 Replies to “The Purloined Conch Shell”

  1. Good shot, oops … love the backdrop, especially the commercial art piece of the Morton’s Salt Girl … “When it rains it pours.” What’s behind the title … was the conch indeed filched from somewhere other than Tampa Bay.

    Looks like an ordinary Horse Conch to me … we’d pluck ’em out of the the Bay, bring them home, put them on the ground inside a loop of fishing line, when they emerged from their shell, tighten the loop, hang it from the tree and when the shell drops you have a clean conch shell to polish up and good tough piece of Horse Conch for chowder.

    That was 60 years ago … my how time flies when you’re waiting for fresh conch chowder.


    1. This guy spun such a good tale about falling asleep in the park and having his wallet stolen and needing to get back up to Clearwater that I gave him five bucks for creativity (and a picture). 😀


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