5 Replies to “Embrace Your Fantasy”

  1. Well … It’s confirmed … I’m a dirty old man … good job catching a mysteriously delicious expression … got the tats also arm and neck … the lamp, here I get horribly practical … That’s gonna be a bitch to dust … she better have a triple filtered electronic air filtration system attached to her CA/C or she’s gonna be spending a lot of time with her lamp doing something that will not be setting the mood for whatever she bought it for. Please tell me she didn’t get it at a resale shop …


    1. At first I thought that was an animal cage of some sort, I had to ask her about it. Also, I had to crop in way close to eliminate a lot of visual crap. Yes, I love that expression, another case of I didn’t know what I had until I got it up on the computer. Serendipity… 😀


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