7 Replies to “Overweight Smoker in Yellow 3-Wheeled Death-Trap Decorated w/ Chains, Skeletons, Razor-Sharp Teeth on Grille & Skulls on Rollbars”

  1. Whatta country! Seat belts in a death trap legalized street vehicle while she kills herself eating, smoking and probably over drinking. Smaller than small vehicle that she barely got into the parking space. Some hospital is going to go bankrupt providing her trauma care from her impending accident and long term care from her lifestyle. I wonder if she’s packin’, too!


    1. Thanks, Barbara. By way of disclosure I owned two separate motorcycles in the 60s/70s and was prone to playin’ “evil knievel’ by gunning it toward brick walls to see how close I came before ‘chickening’ out. I never had much good sense, back then. 😀


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