4 Replies to “No Checks Accepted”

  1. “What a moment, so like Norman Rockwell’s Americana, and very touching too like his paintings. You caught such
    heartwarming and descriptive expressions on them! The story teller and the listener, the barber has the most kind face. If I lived there I’d be a steady customer.


  2. The Barber Shop– center of our early socialization. You learned to sit still. You learned to watch and to listen. You left always felling a bit cleaner and smelling better. My barbers were a part of my life until I went to college and got hair cuts at Webb City at their “factory shop of chairs and cutters. No conversation. Sit-clip-apply butch wax-brush-up-brush off-pop the cape and shout, “Next!”. The social aspect was lost until I left school and went to private “salons.” Men’s hair was cut in the back of the Salon in a walled room away from all the women. Now you have the uni-sex salons and barbers are a “dying” breed. We now all have stylists.


    1. I have had the same lady cut my hair for exactly 40 years. Even when I moved to Naples I made the 4 hour round trip to see her. Ten years ago she moved to North Carolina and now I will go sometimes as much as six months before she comes back for a visit or I might drive up there for a cut, turn around and drive back. It’s not that she can correct my ugliness, it’s just that I am loyal to a fault. Well, not counting ex-wife and various girlfriends. 🙂


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