4 Replies to “Nap Time”

  1. Hmmm … First: Great shot … crotches are always interesting … Quality shoes, clean socks with good elastic, new’ish umbrella, clean shirt and shorts … appears to be somewhat clean … no scabs or oozing sores … boner down the left side of his shorts?

    Then why is he asleep or passed out daytime(?) on a St. Pete bench? Drugged-drunk-dreary-dumbfounded-dogtired-downandout? Damn .. I don’t know …

    Or maybe as the title suggests … it’s just “Nap Time.”


    1. I too have oft noticed the homeless being “well-heeled”, so to speak. Taxpayer chits, perhaps? I do know that the Salvation Army will occasionally hand out vouchers for one-night stands at a seedy hotel, presumably to get in out of the rain and clean up, probably knowing full well that they will invite all their friends and party.

      Interestingly, I’ve gotten to know the various homeless enclaves in the various sections of town. Different neighborhoods attract different personalities, have their own status and rules. I know which ones to avoid.


  2. So…they still have the benches ?
    I remember some having a armrest in the middle so people couldn’t lay down….
    Is there still a woman down there that walks only backwards all the time?
    And in demons landing in the park down by the left corner there used to be a older man who had a rc sailboat with barbie on it. Is he still there? Probably not….
    One day a kid stole it from him. But the guy got it back. The man had a three wheeler bike.
    And dont go to a store down there around dusk…it can get dangerous. My hubby had proof of that.


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