8 Replies to ““Pants Half Off, Belt Not Included””

  1. And no doubt a loan application in his hand. I think these things of purposeful accidentaal undress are called wardrobe malfunctions these days. If it’s flirting technique it doesn’t seem to be working with the maidens on the left. Does that mean there’s hope? Or that the prison look has lost a bit of its charm? It’s like Paleo-Dating. Drop your trousers to impress the girls.


    1. It always emboldens the mischievous me when I see a guy in sandals struggling to hold his pants up – he ain’t gonna catch me when I’m wearing my running shoes! 😀


  2. First… accolades for nailing the color coordination of the pants, underwear and the red/blue awnings. Great timing. Second … he clearly does have some document in hand for a meeting … There’s an insurance office-a claim? Real estate office-an offer or credit report? Third…Is he trying to tuck-in his dress white t-shirt? He could be headed for a “life changing” meeting and he does need to look responsible — to some degree.

    From a sartorial standpoint, white is out since it’s post-Labor Day. Sandals are verboten if you’re involved in a financial meeting … should ta least be dress sandals and not shower clogs.

    My best guess … he’s simply a disheveled fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kinda guy. Good work, Oops.


    1. The document appears to me to have rows and columns and dollar amounts in it, a bill or statement of some sort. He’s no doubt going somewhere but I would guess not a formal kind of meeting. Perhaps, with phone in hand, to dispute his phone bill. I doubt the white shirt extends far enough to tuck in his pants. Bottom (pun intended) question on my part is – whatever it is he’s doing, should he be doing it on a public sidewalk. 😀


      1. 1) He’s not wearing “Tightie Whities.”
        2) Since when did you become a “Morality Arbiter?” I think his behavior falls under the rubric of “No Skin, No Crime.”
        3) If he didn’t do it on a public sidewalk, you would not have placed him in an unwitting starring role in “Street St. Pete.”
        4) Fuck the document. Now that i rethink it, it’s ancillary.


        1. I think it was either Jesus or my 3rd grade pedophile teacher who said ‘don’t wear red underwear’ and don’t even think about them two womens over there ‘cuz it’s inner intentions that matter and the invisible ghost in the sky can convict you of thought crimes in the blink of an eye. 🙂

          PS – I love photographing thought crimes!


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