9 Replies to “Ambiguous Situation”

  1. Dear John Wayne….I guess he was just scratching an itch as you are still here to
    post it. I recall FLA is home to the crazed and drugged up zombies who chew off the faces of strangers.
    Be careful out there!
    And that’s one incredible portrait.
    I wonder what the aftermath is in the hearts of people you encounter. For some
    reason I’m thinking it’s life-altering.


    1. Street photography is a thrill, and quite challenging. So much is not under your control, and situations develop so quickly that many times you can’t stop to change your camera settings. Like Randall Jarrell said of a good poet, you stand out in the rain a lot……….. 🙂

      “A good poet is someone who manages, in a lifetime of standing out in thunderstorms, to be struck by lightning five or six times.”


  2. Oops … Good shot … #1) Unless you got a highly unusual cold snap, a dude wearing 3 layers approaching you is suspicious. #2 One hand under coat means either his hand is cold or he’s reachin’ for some cold hard steel. #3) Observe the shoes … unless you’re in your 70’s, you can out run the dude — NOTE: No matter how many years you’re packin’, you cannot outrun a bullet. #4) We know the outcome, unless the dude got your computer and logged on for you and sent us the shot after he photoshopped it which is suspect is not the case because:

    You, sir, are still fleet
    of 70 year old feet!

    Just sayin’ (Did you notice the rhyming couplet at the end?)


    1. Well, we pretty much know what a cop would have done…

      In the heat of the moment I am more and more convinced that we see what we are primed to see. I initially thought gun but then began to have my doubts. He wasn’t real sure I was taking his picture as there was a large mural just off stage that I had been looking at. It was a Sunday morning and maybe he was on his way to church. He never removed his hand from his coat and close inspection now suggests to me that he is cradling – using both hands, notice – a rectangular object, perhaps a computer.

      ‘Fleet of feet’? Nah, I still got that sprained foot I told you about, been a month now ‘cuz I can’t stay off it to let it heal. Nobody gonna shot a cripple, are they? 🙂


  3. You never know. Eyes look a little bit crazy.
    I would prefer a good zoom lens.
    Are these pictures of St. Petersburg Florida? ??
    If they are, then I’m glad we got out of there. It looks like it is getting crazier and crazier!
    If this is st. Pete, let me know. I have some questions about that area still.
    Take care


      1. I had heard It had turned to sh**
        And I don’t think I would want to live there now.
        Have you been to the marina close to the pier?


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