5 Replies to ““where the crowd gathers””

  1. He’s likely longer on the vine than that but damn, he’s got the legs of a 25 year old!
    I really love these street views. Even with the cast and sets constantly changing
    it’s like some wonderful play or series. What an imagination reality turns out to have.


    1. This guy is a fixture on Central Avenue, sips rum & coke every morning on a stool on the sidewalk and watches the world go by. Don’t know how old he is but he’s determined to go out in style and on his own terms. 🙂


  2. Truth be told, this “old codger” is really only 43 years old. The ciggie he’s been dragging on has weathered him faster than the great outdoors. He’s headed inside to find the “Chickie of his dreams … “for the Love of Beer.” (As the sign reads!) The Chickies need to be aware that the old dude has some bucks … clothes $$$, glasses $$$ … stylish footwear … cocked fedora. Either that, or he’s wearing the only clean clothes he owns!

    He’s also giving you a huge batch of “stink eye” for taking his photo and not paying him so he can drink and smoke a bit more!

    And in closing … I find it depressing that he’s part of OUR AGE COHORT! OMG, I’m an old codger.


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