4 Replies to “Pretty Dresses”

  1. Love it … The women dress in an array of colors and the men dress in a monochromatic blend of blah, drab and ho-hum. The guy is in an all black chair with brown/tan clothing, brown shoes and no socks. Why is it that we do not follow the style of the birds we see? Males are the preeners and carry the color while the females blend in. At least we ought to share the swatches of color and flair!

    Nice catch.


  2. I always liked the tie-dye look. I wonder if this is taking him down memory lane to when he was a young man with a girlfriend in a tie-dye dress?!


    1. I had the same thought as I was taking the picture – that of an elderly disabled man wistfully remembering all those “girls in their summer dresses.” 🙂 It is sad but true that as we men get older we fall off the radar screen. 😦


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