5 Replies to “Either-Or, Both”

  1. Or…simply inventive and creative … and he/she looks better in the bikini than a lot of women I’ve seen over the years strolling the beaches … in spite of the lack of badly needed depilatory work.

    This is a really, really “good get.” Keep on “roaming the range, Little Doagie!”


    1. When I saw her I slammed on the brakes and u-turned and jumped out to take her picture. My regret is not politely asking her to pose for me, as she was harmless in retrospect, but I was too breathless with photographic excitement to think the scene through. It was dusk and I knew the image was going to be grainy. She had a habit of staring at passing cars and shaking her buns suggestively. I mean, like, I don’t recall people like her being in my psychology textbook, I should have skipped college saved tuition and hit the streets early… 🙂


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