6 Replies to “New York, New York”

  1. Watch it, Oops … She’s reachin’ into her pocket for the handheld mace or a mini-taser … It’s that “New York state of Mind” and you’re fair game! Hmmm … she’s staring intensely, maybe at you … could be she’s a “cougar” and she’s reaching for her spare condom because you’re her next “grab-n-go.” either way, you’re toast, Bro!

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    1. Yeah, I think they’re seasonal visitors, probably sailed down on a yacht. And readers might like to know that Barbara’s (Holycowgirl’s) keen street eye comes from living years in an artist’s garret in Brooklyn up above the office of the Black Panthers, definitely a neighborhood not for the feint of heart. She is a splendid painter and writer still to this day, check her out at: https://thehawksperch.wordpress.com/


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