Protesting a ‘Lynching’ On The Streets of St. Pete

Black man in a makeshift KKK outfit dramatizing an alleged incident of racism by his white employer. As a security guard he was asked to “pick up trash” and this amounts to, in his words, a “modern day Willie Lynch lynching.”

KKK20151117_5737 as Smart Object-1

The woman on the right seems disapproving of me taking pictures.

🙂 🙂 🙂

8 Replies to “Protesting a ‘Lynching’ On The Streets of St. Pete”

  1. She is disapproving your race, honey. Good for your moral strenght, docoumenting black racisim.
    When Oprah and Beyonce and Tarrantino Rhiannon do something to protect Africans outside of America won’t we all be shocked. Will Spike Lee do a movie about black murderers, black sadism? Umm…


  2. Excellent photo … you took a real chance on this one … yes, the woman on your right is disapproving … Who knows why? Being an optimist, I will assume it’s because she knows nothing about you and wonders where the photo will end up and with what words to “explain it.” If I were Black in this world, I’m pretty sure i would suspect the worst of white people … just look at the GOP politics at the state level and federal level regarding voter rights. Suspicious, Hell yeah.


  3. From the POV of a black Canadian, it’s appalling to see America still imploding on it’s unsettled racial matters at a time — post-9/11, when all of its citizens should be unifying to deal with a colossal threat from without; likely from within by now (I can easily say the same about Canada). Cheapshots flung in all directions by everyone of every demographic, and yet all of this bravado and hatred fails to get your nation closer to the level of defence that you desperately need because most of you are still unwilling (not unable) to trust and stand by each other.

    Your real enemies are looking right into your throats and saying that you’re doomed, and don’t even know it. It’s inane.


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