6 Replies to “The New Entrepreneurs”

  1. Hey … Count me in for their next Board Meeting! The guy with the doo-rag is clearly the CEO and the other guy, drab one, is Chief Operating Officer … Told you that skate boarding was a “gateway drug!”

    BTW … good get … i’m start calling you “Quick Draw.”

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    1. I talked to them and they’re pretty neat characters. One is a painter and both seem level-headed and responsible. I’m struck by the tendency of some “old” people (my generation) to think the worst whenever they see clothes and piercings and tattoos like these – an unjustified assumption. Thanks… 🙂


    2. PS –

      Just in case you were concerned about it – which you might not be – your return website designation shows up in your comments as “justanotheraccnt.” That’s a function of your Gravatar settings in the upper right corner of your blog site, in case you would like to update it. 🙂


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