7 Replies to “Movin’ on”

    1. Thanks, Richard… I was ten feet from him and he never saw me. I have perfected the art of being the invisible man.

      I’m still trying to wrap my head around the stuffed children’s toys he’s carrying. Is he a basket case or a child predator?


      1. He’s actually too clean to be a basket case and too disheveled to be a child predator … I think he’s probably a guy who’s wandered off and you should sent out a “Silver Alert” for him … those are his grandson’s toys and he’s pissed at the kid … thinks his daughter, the kid’s mother is to lenient on the little bugger … or he could be a schizo …

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  1. Very touching, your photographs lead right to the heart. Yet he radiates the independence he needs, which comes at such a high price. He doesn’t look predatory, but he does look like he’s been through some hell and I hope he can find help in time. Agreed…leg looks poorly.

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