5 Replies to ““I scream, you scream, we all scream for…””

  1. When I was in Brooklyn and (much) younger those who went to FLA to visit relations would come back with traffic horror stories and jokes about the retirees who drove their Cadillacs and Lincolns 3-1/2 mph and couldn’t see over the steering wheels. And all wore baseball caps, which was the only way you could tell someone was driving at all. Consequently called, by contemptuous NYer’s, “the Hats”. I never heard them called “Cones” but it adds to the legend. Nice catch, Oops. Delightful guy.
    PS Filled with envy at the warm look of your weather, days at 50 ; we’re having a cold snap and ice on the decks in the a.m.


    1. From our perspective, said retirees come down every winter from the ‘North’ to clog our roads. We call them ‘snowbirds.’

      Dropping to 52 degrees tomorrow night and maybe a high in the 60s but our normal is the 70s. Not bad living. It will get colder, however.


  2. ha, ha, great photo, oops!
    My NY friend of 45 yrs who has been in FLA 40 yrs has always referred to those drivers as Q-tips. All you see is a slightly oblong white object in the car in front of you. Of course now days that includes the expatriated NYer’s!
    Weather will be about freezing when I take the LIRRl into NYC this Saturday, so neither you nor Holycowgirl has my sympathies 🙂 🙂

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