4 Replies to “For Rent, Cash Only”

  1. Seeing the ripped jeans on a peasant is a shock, I was sure only models and millionaires were allowed to wear them. But fashion is so fluid. I remember years ago seeing a couple of very sorry messes snort coke on the subway out of a tin foil Wrigley’s gum wrapper…just when it was the exclusive property of rockers, high society and Hollywood. Pretty funny, that. She looks a bit 19th century French. Except for the classy earlobes. Actually, sarcasm aside, I’m sorry for her choices, wonder what her story is.


    1. Isn’t it beautiful, the wide diversity of humans in this world, whose differences are surely more pronounced than their similarities. I suspect all of us – you, Richard & myself, Bruce – tend to make up our own backstories about people. ‘Tis a great pastime for a people-watcher. 😀


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