5 Replies to “Arms & Legs”

  1. Hey, Oops … Lotsa of color … loved the kid’s outfit … there’s hope for that one as he/she grows up. Her right leg appears to be “full” since I see a trace of a tat just above her skirt line on her left leg. The guy’s legs are pretty well covered … I like the singular tats more so than the Picasso Guernica mural-esque sleeves normally seen … if it’s “skin art,” I prefer being able to see each subject clearly.

    Too bad we couldn’t call it “Arms, Legs & Butt Cheeks” … I’ll betcha there’s some “art work” there, too.

    What’s with her “death grip” on the little tyke’s crushed hand? Good work!


    1. I went back through my files and realized that I have photographed this family before. She was clutching her child close then too. They probably see ‘conventional’ people as dangerous. 🙂


  2. There’s something so delightful about this, maybe it’s some reassuring
    thing that the wild ones care about the infant and hope it’s true,
    how one’s ideas of wholesome change in a long life.


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