9 Replies to “Siesta”

  1. Good get … none of us look good when we reach the age that our jaw muscles soften with age … and we fall asleep … that’s why we’re “slack jawed” and prime targets for you Street Photogs!” Cool socks!

    It just occurred to me that he could also be concentrating while counting the holes in the acoustical tile ceiling …


    1. He was singin’ like a mockingbird – and this was inside Publix!

      PS – you are having trouble receiving replies/notifications of other comments on this post? I’ll email you privately to check whether you receive this or not. 🙂


    1. Yes, I meant snoring, and actually I made that up since I couldn’t really hear anything. I was too busy thinking I was going to get thrown out of there for taking a picture, like maybe it’s illegal inside a store or something. 🙂


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