3 Replies to “Smokin’ In The Rain”

  1. Not being a smoke, I’ve always wondered how a cigarette remains lit in rain …

    This isn’t a downpour but you can see evidence of a pretty good rain when you look at her feet, sidewalk and the drops on her bare skin … My guess is that if a drop met exactly at the burning tip of the cigarette, it could put it out. A mystery …


    1. Nah, as a former smoker who started hiding packs of Camels outside in the bushes on the way home from grammar school at age eleven I can assure you that the rain knows well enough to leave cigs alone. Now, the dew will get ’em, so on the way to school the next morning you have to strip off the soggy parts and hope there is enough dry left to pollute your lungs before you have to sit in a wooden desk and watch an old lady diagram sentences on the blackboard. 😀


      1. An early start to a life of delinquency and rebellion … and to think you started with Camels … the strongest cigarette and the pack with the most mystery … Tom Robbins did a riff on the mysteries of the camel package in one of his novels … I’ll have to Google that … at one time I waited for his latest work to hit the B&N bookstore …


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