3 Replies to “Nothing To Do, Nowhere to Go”

  1. It’s all in the eyes … I don’t think I’d call them “soulful” … maybe “baleful?” Look at the nails and hands … last washed how long ago? His feet look like he’s spent time in a Turkish prison … Did he say anything to you? Ask you for money? Great shot, Oops


    1. Glad you asked because yes he did say something to me, and I regret the way I responded. He said I couldn’t take his picture and instead of calming him talking to him befriending him I got my hackles up and insisted in no uncertain terms that I had every right to. I knew I was on safe ground physically and that he wouldn’t rise up and challenge me, which makes my motives even less pure and more despicable, like hitting a man when he’s down. I saw him again today and came close to going up and apologizing but couldn’t quite muster up the courage. He was only defending his dignity and although I was legally right, I was morally wrong. I will channel this experience into a better encounter with the next person. Imagine, still got some nasty testosterone, at my age! Live & learn, eh?


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