Rowdies & Ruffians: An Occupational Hazard

The kid on the left just picked a wad of something up off the street and threw it at me. He looks a bit unstable and his hackles are still raised for no reason I can detect. It was unprovoked aggression because my camera was unobtrusively cradled in my hand  down behind my right leg but I immediately shouldered it and fired off a sustained ‘mad minute’ burst on full-automatic. His two companions are exhibiting mock outrage.


3 Replies to “Rowdies & Ruffians: An Occupational Hazard”

  1. The guy in the middle is the one you got to take out first … the other two will cave … just sayin’ …

    Of course that’s me observing the scene with eyes that are 20-25 years old … not 70 whatever.


    1. I agree totally, middle guy is the lynchpin. Question is, how easy is that to determine in the heat of the moment?

      Curiously, whites are much more likely to bother you than blacks in downtown St. Pete. Wonder why…


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