4 Replies to ““That’s the guy!””

  1. Shit … had a really cool series and fucking discarded it with the wrong key stroke … I’ll try to remember … fat chance
    1) Great shot … as we’ve all grown to expect
    2) Is he really pointing and talking to you?
    3) Hat says he was a “Submarine Vet” … think so?
    4) At least his pants are zipped up.
    5) He’s sporting the legs of a diabetic or an ex-NFL offensive right guard.
    6) The Kitchen for what? Are you gonna make me feel bad and tell me this is the hallway for homeless vets?


    1. I of course asked him ‘what happened’ and he said – I think, difficult to tell because he talked fast out of the side of his mouth – that he “got hit by an SUV.” I have another picture of him raising his pant leg to show me the hurt, which I really didn’t want to see. He is pointing toward the Park where he sleeps and telling me how difficult it is to get in/out of his chair at night. We are on a downtown sidewalk outside a café. He politely asked for money and as usual my initial response was “I don’t carry any cash” but also as usual once a conversation gets going and rapport is established I said “Well, maybe I do” and ‘found’ a five dollar bill. Can’t have too many street friends to watch your back (even if they aren’t very mobile.) 🙂


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