5 Replies to “Cross My Heart & Hope To Die”

  1. Wow, Oops … “Three Citizens Marching to War” … the uniforms may be different but the look of determination on each marcher is the same on the famed “Spirit of 1776,” two drummers and a fife player, soldiering on in our “colonial period.” Things have really changed since 1776, but maybe not so much. There is a woman marching in the 21st century version. No flag suggesting a lag in patriotism. But all six (1776 & 2015) certainly look “ragtag.” Really interesting capture … keep on “farfenughen-ing.”


    1. Interesting to note that they are not typically self-absorbed but hyper-alert as if on a mission – marching, as you say. But whereas you see patriotism I at the time saw evil thinly-disguised, as if they could be ruffians from A Clockwork Orange. I took the picture and got out of their way. 🙂


  2. This doesn’t feel very menacing to me. My first thought was that they looked like a dance troupe. I love the triangle formation they’re in! Looks like a cool Broadway muscial to me! 🙂


    1. You are probably right but sometimes I like to play devil’s advocate! 🙂 And great observation about a Broadway musical. I recently saw a production (again) of West Side Story and these could well be some of the “Jets” or the “Sharks” snappin’ their fingers and dancin’ down the alley (on the way to a rumble, I might add!).


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